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             The "being " of my work

There is no definition for the word "ART", art becomes interesting as the work evokes something in a man, as he himself by his daydreams and thoughts associations carries him in divine splendor; even if one can leave the banality of everyday life behind and can stand still for a moment by being drawn into the work that he see before him. A good work could act as a natural antidepressant, a soak emotion, intrigue and calls with a question or leave you in the middle of the question whether or not answered. That's what I try to achieve with my work. I am inspired by nature which is becoming scarcer and the waste that is treated shabbily in our society. I try to bring different elements together and make them unique so that they are on the move again. Movement is art  in all it's diverse form, it will evokes in humans extreme emotions. Again and again I stand before a new challenge to work with hammer and chisel to transform my material into a unique piece of identity that sometimes with a small imperfection contributes to the "being" of the piece and the message that it carries.

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